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Core Strategy

Profitable growth
지속적인 Profitable growth를 위한 Value Innovation 추진
새로운 차원의 성장동력과 시너지 확보를 위한 Portfolio platform 강화
Nichebuster” 입지 확보를 위한 Creative Sales Model 구축
Value Innovation
Value Innovation을 리드해 나갈 핵심인재육성 및 인사조직 혁신

strategic road map


  • Become a No. 1 market player of well-being beauty industry
  • Create new Bio business model
  • Perform outstanding growth and profit rate
  • Extend business through M&A

value Innovation

  • Create continuous profitable growth by manufacturing cost reduction, entering new market, providing differentiated products
  • Fortify portfolio platform to secure new growth engines and synergy
  • Build international strategic partnerships
  • Nurture high potential individuals and top talent leaders
  • Improve organization culture

Fundamental + Renovation

  • Focus on cash flow
  • Clarify key performance indicator
  • Execute leading of the management
  • Select and concentration of core business
  • Secure circulation power by reinforcing sales division
  • Change wrong practice
  • Improve of industrial structur