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We put our best effort to ensure internal stability and steady growth,
pursuing a warm-hearted company creating healthy life and happy society.

Management Philosophy

Anthropocentric Management

  • Harmonization between positions
  • Respecting human dignity
  • Customer orientation
  • Enhancing quality of human life

Ethical Management

  • Open and aboveboard Management
  • Compliance of law
  • Public interest
  • Social value

Innovative Management

  • Endless challenges and innovations with our inspiration and aspiration
  • Creating values and benefits for customers and shareholders


Be a NICHEBUSTER who creates new growth engines driven by specialization and professionalism.

Strategic Target 2020

We are enhancing our growth capability to jump up to a hidden champion of specialized biopharmaceutical company.

  • Quantitative

    • Achieving USD 200M turnover from main business fields
    • Developing continuous growth capabilities with CAGR 20%
    • 20% turnover from bio business and international sales respectively
  • Qualitative

    • Customers’ favorite company Innovative pharmaceutical company with high growth
    • Company respecting person creativity
    • Holding up our end up for safety, environment protection, and social responsibilities

Strategic Direction

1. Accelerating Growth Capability

  • Promoting representative products to achieve recognition in the market
  • Taking initiative role in developing “The Only product”
  • Building strategic partnership with international companies.
  • Focusing on bio business

2. Reinforcing Profit Oriented Structure

  • Optimizing product portfolio to create synergy effect
  • Performing value-based management for high productivity
  • Enforcing quality management

3. Building Enjoyable & Energetic Corporate Culture

  • Performance-based HR system
  • Communication with truthfulness
  • Respecting person filled with ownership mind
  • Core Competencies

    • Searching product & launching
    • Customized technical sales
    • Expanding customer network & reinforcing relationship
    • Strategic alliance skill
  • Core Values

    • Inspiration and Aspiration
    • Challenge and Innovation
    • Honesty and Truthfulness
    • Positive Thought and Performance

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